Month: October 2012

Getting Over Art and Science

Nice Topic, Getting Over Art and Science Posted in: “Art Meets Science: Get Over It” In the Linkedin  Scientist Artists Collaborations Group T.Collins, 2012 August When given a chance I often ask people how they would define Leonardo da Vinci, as an artist or scientist? Of course academia has come a long way since the… Read more »

Thinking Art and Bio Remediation

Thinking Art and Bio-Remediation an American perspective. T.Collins, In a conversation recently with Tim Joye  in Flanders, we got to talking about remediation art.  2012, July First a few references:, and There is a lot of potential for artists to work on these issues, although I have argued in the past that… Read more »

A Conversation: Art with Living Things

Camperdown Wildlife Centre, June 2012 Organized by Jonathan Baxter, Dundee, Scotland A Conversation: Art and Life with Living Things Reiko Goto Collins and Timothy Martin Collins, June 2012 Art is the practice of creative inquiry. It is about knowing the world by wrapping body and mind around it, by putting your hands, heart and soul… Read more »