Tim Collins

Born and raised in West Warwick, Rhode Island.
Currently resides in Glasgow Scotland
With Roots in San Francisco California


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Tim Collins is a principal in the Collins & Goto Studio, Glasgow. Tim is an artist, author and planner. He has worked across art, science and philosophy, developing artwork, pubic artwork, and research related to nature and public space for over twenty years. He has worked within a wide range of communities developing methods and practices that take best advantage of art and aesthetics in the public interest. Over the past decade working with his partner Reiko Goto, Tim has been developing sculptural and performative artwork, tools and technologies that attend to the physiological interface between people the atmosphere and forests and trees. They have also begun a new body of work focused upon the relationship between the internal ecology of the human body and the (chemical, material) conditions of the outside world. Tim has served as an associate professor and principal investigator at Carnegie Mellon University before moving to the UK in 2005 where he was appointed as a Professor of Art, Ecology and Planning, Associate Dean, research and development at University of Wolverhampton. Tim returned to the studio full time in 2012.

On-going development:

Eden3.net an interdisciplinary artist-led climate change research initiative that results in sculptural/performative materials that embrace philosophical ideas and scientific technology to reveal the hidden, silent and invisible conditions of a tree in relationship to carbon dioxide.

A new development:

The Caledonian project interrogates the cultural issues of forests today and imagines relationships to the cultural condition and experience of Caledonia tomorrow. Asking if these trees contribute in any way to the agency that is in the air as Scotland redefines itself?

Currently working:

a proposal for a monograph dealing with the questions of research in the field of art and environmental change.

New writing from  Eden3: Art and Living Things, The Ethical Aesthetic Impulse has been published in Human-Environment Relations: Transforming Values in Theory and Practice, Edited by Emily Brady and Paulne Phemister.

New writing on 3 Rivers 2nd Nature has been published in a special issues on Landscape, Cultural Spaces and Ecology, edited by  RACAR: The Canadian Art Review, it  is complimented by an article on Nine Mile Run by Lora Senechal Carney. Edited by Carnet and Edith-Anne Pageot.



Reiko Goto

Born and raised in Tokyo Japan
Doctoral Researcher, Grays School of Art
Robert Gordon University
Aberdeen, Scotland

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Reiko Goto Collins is a principal in the Collins and Goto Studio, Glasgow. Reiko has sustained a creative inquiry that is concerned with empathic relationships with living things for over twenty years. Recognized for her approach to environmental art and research, Reiko is an artist, a designer and author. Reiko Goto has extensive and diverse life experience, beginning with her role as an artist working with physicists at the School of the Exploratorium in San Francisco California. From there she went on to a role as associate professor of art, then a full time research fellow, within the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, at Carnegie Mellon University, where she spent ten years thinking about art, aesthetics and planning, working with soil scientists and botanists. Having moved to the UK in 2008 Goto decided to return to university as doctoral candidate to consider the role of empathy in art making, particularly in relation to artists working with trees. She developed a sculptural approach to the physiological response of trees to changes in atmospheric composition, with a specific focus on photosynthesis. Reiko continues this line of work considering other life forms and ecological communities.


Tim and Reiko

Tim Collins and Reiko Goto have recently initiated a new body of work that returns to a purer form of poiesis while retaining the dialogic and transformative intent of work from the past ten years. The first project under development in this new series is A Biogenic Interface: the Secret Life of Trees. This is a research, exhibition and performance program whereby artists and musicians work with technologists and scientists to reveal the biogenic interaction of trees with the changing atmospheric chemistry and climate of cities. They are also working on a paper titled Eden3- the ethical aesthetic impulse for a book on Embodied Values edited by Emily Brady and Pauline Pheminster.

Tim and Reiko were researchers in the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University from 1997-2005.  Working with an interdisciplinary collaborative team, they directed 3 Rivers 2nd Nature; a five year project with artists, scientists, designers and students working together on issues of public space and ecology along the post-industrial waterfronts of Allegheny County, PA.  In fall 2005, they organized and initiated a series of public programs called the Monongahela Conferences and an exhibition titled: Groundworks, curated by Grant Kester of UC San Diego.  The exhibition examined international approaches to art, ecology and planning. Prior to that, Collins and Goto co-directed the Nine Mile Run project.  They lived in San Francisco California from 1982-1993, where they exhibited at Capp Street Project, Intersection for the Arts and Southern Exposure, amongst others.  They first began to share a studio in 1985. They initiated their first collaborative project in 1987.

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