an environmental artwork by Reiko Goto about growing seeds out of handmade paper



Reiko Goto
The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Nine Mile Run Artwork - Ecovention Exhibition

Nine Mile Run


Bingham, Collins and Goto with John Stephen Ecovention, a group Exhibition at The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio Buy the catalogue on Amazon

Poison ivy / Toxicodendron


Reiko Goto

I have been thinking that my relationship to nature is too easy, too casual. I have, there fore, decided to befriend a very special plant. Toxicodendron, the plant is better known as poison ivy. Despite its reputation, poison ivy provides shelter and food to insects, birds, and mammals. I am intrigued by the strength of this life form and its resistance to human attempts to control, manipulate or manage it.

Ivory billed woodpecker

Ivory-billed woodpecker Picus principals


Reiko Goto
Ink on paper
48″ x 20″

Ivory-billed woodpecker, Picus principals currently has a possibly extinct status. It is about 20 inches long, and one of the largest woodpeckers in the world. The bird historically inhabited the ancient forests and swamps of Cuba and southern part of the United States: eastern Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas. The species preferred riparian corridors along rivers but did also occur in pine woodlands, if only to feed.

Nine Mile Run - Conversations in the Rust Belt - Art exhibition at Regina Miller Gallery

Nine Mile Run: Conversations in the Rust Belt


Collins and Goto et al
Regina Miller Gallery

The Nine Mile Run Greenway Project brought together engineers, scientists, historians and others to create a civic dialogue about public space in the context of an urban brownfield. The team conducted ecological studies and created diverse alternative art works, such as a construction trailer as a site of public expression, a pirate citizens radio station, a web site as a tool for civic dialogue, post-modern interpretive re-carthography, and policy analysis as if people and places mattered.

Carnegie3 Tim Collins Artwork



Collins and Lightfoot

A consideration of Andrew Carnegie, Carnegie the Sculpture and the verbal and material by-products of said work which exist in the world as a substantial but ghostly presence. We ask the viewer to consider the idea that steel production is itself a material theme; a narrative of extraction, production and by-product, which has specific commemorative meaning. Although the form is not illustrative of the man, the material and its by-product certainly embodies the best and worst of Andrew Carnegie’s role in the world.



Goto and the Lovebirds
An installation for the Carnegie Mellon University Faculty Exhibition,
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, PA

Composite of Reiko Goto and Pigeon

If I were a pigeon


Goto and a blind pigeon
Installation and computerized performance for Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA

Aqua De Unum


Installation for The Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito California.

White Flag


Collins and Goto
A part of a collaborative installation “Like Oil and Water” for the
Richmond Art Center,
Richmond, CA

Nezumi /Rat


Reiko Goto
An installation presented for the
San Francisco Art Institute
Annual Exhibition, CA

Natsu - an artwork by Reiko Goto and Butterflies

Haru / Spring


Reiko Goto
Headlands Artists in Residence Program,
Marin, CA,

Natsu, Artwork by Reiko Goto and Swallowtail Butterflies

Natsu / Summer


Reiko Goto
Headlands Artists in Residence Program,
Marin, CA,



Tim Collins and Reiko Goto,
Headlands Artists in Residence Program,
Marin, CA,

Artwork by artist Tim Collins entitled Ocean State

Ocean State


Tim Collins
Asked to return to my undergraduate department and create an installation I was struggling with the large formal gallery space, with its carpeted floors and muted lighting. I decided to map and then touch and collect water from every stream in the state; mingling the waters in a large pool. I was using the exhibition to reflect on what I know in my mind versus what I know through my senses; with water as the medium or interface between the two. The gallery was kept dark and cool for the installation, images from the walls and floors were reflected in the pool at the centre.

Cure Artwork by Tim Collins



Tim Collins
This was an installation for the interior of a former funeral home that worked from a phenomenological approach to site conditioned public art, following the writing of the artist Robert Irwin. Taking my cue from the door frame, I constructed a room within a room with glass ceiling holding a pool of still water. Every thirty seconds a drop would fall into that pool and project shadows that would radiate in concentric circles up the walls of the artwork.

He Never Ate Solid Food


Tim Collins
The Hotel Show, Oakland, California, Jo Babcock, Curator

The installation consisted of thousands of glasses of water, a waterbed of sorts and the text written on the wall, presented within a room that was painted a bright sea/sky blue.

Concentrated Concentricity


Tim Collins
Open Studio Exhibitions, San Francisco, California.

Concentrated Concentricity is an experimental installation. Working with interior space, water and light Collins attempts to control and focus the viewers attention.

H20ME: Water/ Home/2/Me - MFA artwork by Tim Collins

H2OME: Water/Home/2/Me


Collins and Goto Studio
San Francisco Art Institute, MFA Exhibition

H2OME was a site-generated installation consisting of 2,500 glasses of water. Intended to objectify the permeating natural forces surrounding mason, light and water, light and water, light and water.