‘Feàrna’ means alder tree in Gaelic. In the summer of 2013 We found a piece of bark from an old Alder tree that exists between Coire Buidhe and Camghouran Burn near the south-western edge of the Black Wood of Rannoch. When we found it we were about to climb Leagag hill and get a better view of the Black Wood. On the way back down, with its image still in our head, we found our way back   to it and decided to carry it home, something we don’t normally do. We held it in a prominent place in the studio before deciding to combine it with a Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that reveals CO2 level in the atmosphere. Reiko developed a sound file then worked with Chris Malcolm to refine the sound and use it to sonify the changing carbon dioxide levels. As human proximity causes CO2 to increase beyond 400ppm the sound becomes louder.

Collins and Goto Studio
With Chris Malcolm, computer programming,
The support of Gas Sensing Systems,
Director, Alan Henderson.

Tree bark, carbon dioxide sensor and speaker
(68cm x 30cm x 6cm)