Taod Gaoisdei and An Dorchadas (Darkness) are related artworks: one is a bitless bridle made of birch twigs and horsehair, the other one is an image of a horse with the bridle. This term ‘taod gaoisdei’ is found in Scottish folklore that talks about catching a Kelpie with a special bridle. Taod gaoisdei is a Gaelic term that means ‘a bridle that is made of birch twigs‘. The idea became a decoy, drawing the artist into a relationship with this object. It began with what does it look like? How to use the birch tree twigs? This harness suggests an intimate ancient connection between human and horse. The strength of the bridle comes from the material nature of that tree which is soft and pliable. The photograph of the bridle with an actual horse captures this artistic bond.

Collins and Goto Studio
With Pam Scott, Equestrian Photographer

Birch twigs and horsehair (91cm x 33cm x 3.5cm),
photo print (530cm x 690cm)