Artist, Educator, Ecologist Tim Collins2010 Tim Collins Resume (pdf)

Tim Collins is an artist, his creative inquiry began with water and has evolved to include ecosystems and ideas of subject/object exchange between humans and LIVING things. The work has evolved over the last three decades starting with painting, sculpture and installations with and about water, evolving into an interdisciplinary inquiry about water and ecosystems in relationship to public art and art-based planning and public discourse. Then into more formal practice-led research that tests theory through practice; focusingupon environmental philosophies and environmental change. Art is the production of metaphorical ideas, objects and narratives that can reshape perception, enable new experience and in the best cases, initiate the reconsideration of normative value. Ultimately it is the pursuit of aesthetic/experiential truth.

Tim’s experiences include extensive teaching, research, writing, fundraising and administrative duties. Originally from the USA, he has been in the UK since 2006. Tim has recently made a decision to refocus his life-work upon the creative inquiry and research which is most important to him. He is just finishing up as a Visiting Research Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) at the University of Edinburgh. He has completed extensive work on the Eden 3 Project, as well as a publication for RACAR, a Chapter for an upcoming book on Embodied Values and a book proposa, dealing with Art and Environmental Change. He has also been asked to Scontribute to a chapter for a book on Landscape Research.

Over the last five years Collins’ has sustained his research, while employed as an academic research administrator. He has established a successful University Research Centre (with four research groups) and overseen the development of a an RAE submission which resulted in signficant improvements in standing and funding. More recently he put in place the framework and planning for the development of a new University Research Institute and building intended to support REF and RDAP submissions. He has always worked to set and communicate high standards of research development; he has set the terms of reference and chaired research committees at the level of Schools and Universities. Tim has made it a point to work with executive and staff to set standards and develop supervisory capacity; increasing PhD student enrollment and completion. He is a strong advocate for resident onsite research communities. He sees funding as the primary path to the free creative inqury that is essential for academic life, and has been able to significantly increase research and enterprise income each year of his tenure as a research leader and administrator.

In his previous role as an artist-research fellow, he directed 3 Rivers 2nd Nature, a five year project with primary funding from the Heinz Endowments and the Warhol Foundation. He managed a team of artists, scientists, designers and students working together on issues of public space and ecology along the post-industrial waterfronts of Allegheny County, PA. In the fall of 2005, he began the process of organizing and initiating a series of public programs, a conference and an exhibition that will elucidate international approaches to art, ecology and planning. He co-directed the Nine Mile Run project from 1997-2000. The Nine Mile Run project was presented at the “Ecoventions” exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to moving into the full time research position,

Other projects include Charlotte – Second Nature, the Tryon Center for Visual Art, Watermark at the Ludwig-Forum Museum in Aachen Germany and, A Liquid Evaluation of the Brooklyn Waterfront for Creative Time, N.Y. Collins has previously been awarded a Eureka Fellowship, and a California Arts Council Fellowship. He has been an artist in Residence at the Capp Street Project in San Francisco, Ca. the Headlands Art Center in Marin, Ca., and The Tryon Center for Visual Art in Charlotte North Carolina.