A Critical Forest Art Practice

We live in the age of the anthropocene.  A  time that demands reflection on environmental changes and crisis. Under these circumstances we intend to make art that explores new relationships between humanity and nature. We seek to:

Establish a model for art with forests rather than in forests. Considering the process, method and form of art as forest interface in a rural setting and as a correspondent image, idea or artefact in an urban setting.

Experiment with the idea of empathic exchange between people and trees in urban and rural settings, to consider the ways that trees and forest embody culture and how people embody the forest in daily life, regular practices or celebration.

Consider how art might contribute to the potential wellbeing or prosperity of a tree or forest community in the age of environmental change.

(Originally written in 2012, edited again in 2016)


Rannoch – The Breadalbane Deliberation

The Breadalbane Deliberation   – Comh-Chomhairle Bràghad Albainn

The historic district of Breadalbane was described by Frances Groome, in the Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland, 1882-1884.

Exhibition Dates:       2 August through 8 August 2015
Workshop Date:          Saturday 8 August 2PM
Location:                     Dall Mill Chalet, Rannoch, PH17 2QH
Hours:                        11-5 or by appointment
Contact:                    Anne Benson 0778 606 3678

This is a week long exhibition with our friends Bob and Annie Benson, at their home at Dall Mill in Rannoch. They have given us the ‘chalet’ for a week to work on the large 3 meter x 3 meter map of the Region north of Loch Tay and South of Loch Ericht.

Our focus for the week will be developing discussion about the place names of Rannoch. We are working with Annie Benson and anthropologist Jo Vergunst and others up in Rannoch. This of course links to the work done recently in Edinburgh. http://www.summerhall.tv/2015/the-breadalbane-deliberation/

Tim Collins's photo.