Plein Air Exhibition/Performance in Cologne Germany

At the end of August we will present/perform another iteration in the development of Plein Air; in the series ‘VISUAL SOUNDS – BIOAKUSTISCHE MUSIK,  curated by Georg Dietzler in Cologne.

Opening August 26th, 7pm, 2015

“tree sound study room, Cologne 2015″
can be visited 27th – 31st of August from 4-7 pm and by appointment.

Collins & Goto Studio, Glasgow Scotland (Reiko Goto & Tim Collins) // Chris Malcolm sound design & software programmer // Baumklangstudien Zimmer, Köln 2015

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Camp BREAKDOWN BREAK DOWN at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop

The Fox the Deer and the Black Wood

Brett Bloom and Nuno Sacramento asked us to talk about the artwork that we do in relationship to the human and non human communities that are found in the ancient semi natural forests in Scotland. Camp Breakdown Break Down was a gathering at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, it ran From July 6 through July 13, in Lumsden, Scotland.

Building on the talk we prepared for the Muir and Environmental Values workshop,  Reiko and I rewrote the presentation to make a point for the assembly of arts and humanities based environmental activists… that theory and practice are necessarily integrated when ethics and aesthetics are part of the intention of a sustained creative inquiry. We referenced the practices that led to exhibitions like ‘Sylva Caledonia’.

Brett Bloom from Chicago (organizing the project with Nuno Sacramento from the  Scottish Sculpture Workshop) talked about ‘petrosubjectivity’. Other speakers included the noted author and land ownership researcher and activist Andy Wightman, and the author and BBC commentator, the social ecologist Alistair MacIintosh speaking about land and spirituality. Charlotte Du Cann and Nick Hunt were in to talk about the evolution and direction of their amazing Dark Mountain project. Nuno Sacramento talked about reorienting himself to a changing landscape, Karen Grant spoke about to what some call the ‘hutopian’ movement in Scotland, the creative ‘reverse migration’ that intends new social relationships with the land!

Good stuff…

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