Spirit in the Air, CO2 Edinburgh

Exhibition and Performance – 2013 Aug 1-23
Spirit in the Air, CO2 Edinburgh
Collins & Goto with ASN Collaborators
For the Edinburgh Festival
The Tent Gallery, in Art Space and Nature, with Creative Carbon Scotland.

Spirit in the Air: CO2 Edinburgh is a development of the Eden3 project; an art-based climate initiative developing critical methods and artwork that encourage new, empathetic ways of thinking about the inter-relationships in our changing environment.  For the festival, the artist partnership Collins & Goto will work with colleagues in the Art Space and Nature MFA programme, using the Tent Gallery as a base of operations and performance to explore the actual rate and flow of CO2 in the environment in Edinburgh.  This project asks the question If humans produce gas in cities and there are no trees around to breathe it, does anyone care?  

The artists will approach the problem as one of hot air (sourced through indoor gallery goers, performers and the politicians at Scottish Parliament) and hot smoking air from cars, taxis and buses in the city.