Tim Collins

PhD University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK
MFA San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
BFA University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

Collins’ research is in the areas of art and aesthetics; the focal point is the everyday as understood in the context of environmental change. The fundamental question underpinning the work is how does (how can) art reframe nature/culture perception and value?

He is currently working on a monograph tentatively titled “Art, Environment and Aesthetics: Life and Landscape.” An upcoming issue of the Canadian Art Review will feature two articles on work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; one article is authored by Collins, the other by Lora Senechal-Carney an Art Historian at the University of Toronto. He is also working to complete two chapters: one dealing with new research on Eden3 for a book on values and the environment, and the other,  an overview of artists engaged with concerns of art, life and landscape for a handbook on landscape research.

The material practice (and some of the writing) is primarily conducted with Reiko Goto, an artist and a PhD researcher at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen Scotland. They are currently working on Eden3 the Secret Life of Trees. ‘Trees’ is a research exhibition and performance program whereby artists and musicians work with philosophers, technologists and scientists to develop an experiential sound-based interface which can clarify the sources and changes to the concentration of CO2 through trees. The research and its related outputs will emerge over five years. Eden3 was the focus of a 2008 residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in California. An exhibition of initial work on Eden3 titled: Plein Air: The Ethical Aesthetic Impulse’ has been presented at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen Scotland in 2010.

From 2000-2005 Collins and Goto directed 3 Rivers 2nd Nature Project, at Carnegie Mellon University; a five year art/public realm research project. In 2003, they organized a series of international conferences and exhibition focused upon artists that initiate social change through creative practice. Work from 3 Rivers 2nd Nature was re-presented in New York and Taiwan and featured in a German publication. From 1997-2000 Collins and Goto co-directed the Nine Mile Run Greenway Project with Bob Bingham and John Stephens. Nine Mile Run was presented at the Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, then again in the ‘Ecovention’ exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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