Reiko Goto and Tim Collins are environmental artists, working together since 1985.

They embrace an ecosystems methodology, collaborating with a range of disciplines, communities and other living things. They are interested in the ways that art and imagination contribute to practical wisdom and democratic discourse about ethics and human values. The work primarily focuses upon natural public places and everyday experience of environmental commons. An ethical-aesthetic impulse permeates the artwork.

Goto orients herself through an experimental practice of empathic exchange with people, places and things. She completed her PhD in Ecology and Environmental Art in Public Places in 2012. Collins seeks transformative experience and ideas that can leverage small creative freedoms for people, places and things. He completed a PhD in Art, Ecology and Planning in 2007.

They are known for a phenomenological approach to site conditioned public art and a radical democratic approach to post-industrial landscape and ecological restoration. Since 2007, they have been immersed in an experimental approach to the perception and understanding of the relationship between individual trees, greenhouse gases and climate change. They have also begun some new work that examines forests in the 21st Century.  They have worked in North America, Europe and Asia.